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Insane traveller brings to you, the perfect stay in the wild to calm the wild inside you.

A place that is so pure, so dirty and raw. A place where the woods are thick, the clouds are thin, the breeze is cool and people are more than just their skins.

Insane Travellers hostel and cafe is our base for more than 15 treks in Uttarakhand. We call all our diverse clients in this serenity, its an ideal stay for starting and ending your adventures.

Come spend nights with us that are filled with laughter and souvenirs of blue. Mingle up with unfamiliar people as their unfamiliar voices teach you new ways to describe dawn. Wake up with mountain fog in your hair, sniff it up as feel part of everywhere; late at night hear the trees singing overhead, jam with them as you lay your soul bare.

Forget those 5-star properties. Here, you might not get 24 hours room service but the birds that sing on the branches outside will demonstrate our hospitality as thousand suns set inside you and make you inhale serenity with every breath and not to forget, an endless supply of mountain scented tea which turns strangers into friends.

Indulge in the small collection of books that made us fall in love with literature or pick up that beautiful, slightly untuned guitar and sing country songs around the campfire.

To wrap it up, we know what you are looking for. That is because we were looking for the exact same thing a few years back; So, book your getaway days with us to get that off-beat, off-neat, off- make sure you wipe your shoes clean experience that is very passionately(if not cleverly) put together by the travellers, for the travellers because we believe, a house that has travellers, has a soul.


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Dive into serenity at:

Dehradun, Uttarakhand


Below are the Pictures and the Location of the Hostel and Cafe;