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Popular Treks in Uttarakhand

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The top treks of Uttarakhand are:

1. Pangarchulla Summit Trek

Brimming with adventure, serenity and beauty, the Pangarchulla trek lures in herds of trekkers every year. Replete with mesmerising forests and blooming rhododendrons, the trek climbs up to views of some of the tallest mountains in the Garhwal Himalayas. The initial trail winds through verdant forests which house numerous enchanting floral species crisscrossing the ground, while as you climb higher up, you can treat yourself to a pristine carpet of powdery snow. The undulating terrain of the trek trails through dense oak forests and high altitude pastures that fill you with instant joy! The trek may demand that you struggle your way through a fair share of boulder for impressive rewards! The thrilling summit climb is truly surreal, and sets your heart racing as you hustle through toil through boulders and deep snow. What await you at the end of a challenging climb are literally breathtaking views of the grandest Himalayan peaks that fence you.

Max. Altitude – 4,593 m

Duration – 7 days

Difficulty – Moderate to challenging


1. Bask in the glorious views of Mt. Nanda Devi, Dunagiri, Hathi Parbat, Chaukhamba, and Ghori Parbat as they spread a close watch over you.

2. The summit climb

2. Auden’s Col Trek

Amongst the most challenging and unexplored trails in Uttarakhand, Auden’s Col is a high altitude mountain pass that links Gangotri III and Jogin I. Named after JB Auden who was the first explorer of the pass, the trek stems from Gangotri and extends right up to Kedarnath, the most revered pilgrimage site in India. The trek is arduous and forms a bridge between Khatling glacier and Jogin I glacier. The trail is rugged and challenging, snaking through moraines, mountain ridges, boulders, and loose rocks. It puts your mental and physical strength to test. The trek may be arduous, but the views from the top are worth an arm and a leg (not literally, though)! Behold the stellar views of Kedar Dome, Gangotri group, Jogin group and Bhagirathi group of peaks in a panoramic sprawl!

Max. Altitude – 5,400 m

Duration – 15 days

Level – Ultimate (technical)


1. The lofty peaks of Rudragaira, Kedar Dome and the Jogin group shadow you throughout.

2. The descend from Auden’s Col to the crevasse laden Khatling Glacier is a mind-boggling experience!

3. The trek is ideal for young, beginner mountaineers.

3. Devkyara Trek

Devkyara Trek has been recently declared the “trek of the year”, which is reason enough to consider this one. You will get to be a part of something new and will get to explore a place before it becomes way too commercialized. Till now Devkyara has only been part of the rituals of villagers living nearby, but now the tourism department wants this gorgeous place to be discovered and soon all the necessary provisions for trekkers will be made available.

Devkyara trekking will be a moderate one, it will be fit for people who have tried their hand at trekking before and want to take it up a notch. Devkyara Bugyal is 12,763 ft. above sea level. Filled with grasslands and forests, the meadows are an absolute sight for eyes.The trek will take around 8-9 days, and the journey will take you through Himalayan villages giving you a chance to mingle with the natives. Major attractions include Obra temple and Babra campsite, definitely amongst the best places to leave your monotonous lives behind for a while. When you reach the top of Devkyara you will be welcomed by snow-capped mountains ahead and lush grasslands behind, contrasting yet equally mesmerizing views.

Devkyara Trek Itinerary starts from Dehradun and the trek then starts from Sankri. Another interesting fact about Devkyara trek is that it can be done in both summers and winters, how amazing, right! May, June, July, September, and October are months best recommended to go on this trek. This trek is perfect for people who want to experience something new, and exploring something that is not yet famous is another kind of adventure. Being among the first ones to witness the beauty of one of the least explored places in India has its own charm. So, don’t waste your time and book a Devkyara Trekking Tour Package before it becomes a usual thing.

Max Altitude – 4,100 meters

Duration – 10 days

Level – Moderate

4. Dhumdhar Kandi Pass Trek

Dhumdhar Kandi Pass Trek is for the people who want to challenge their limits. Not for weak hearted, this trek will be demanding and difficult. That being said this trek will also be among your life’s most beautiful and satisfying experiences. This pass connects Bhagirathi and Tons Valley. Dhumdhar Kandi Pass Trekking will take you through steep roads, starting with lush and green meadows and then on snowy paths as you move forward. The highest peak rises up to 18,045 ft, you will reach Yamunotri after completing the climb.

Another aspect that may appeal to your aesthetic senses is that the path of this trek is filled with waterfalls and lakes. The glaciers surrounding this pass feed Bhagirathi and Yamuna river, making the trek all the more special. Green meadows, snow-capped mountains, and sparkling waters, all the pleasing elements of nature present together! Could anything be better than this?

The trek takes around 13-14 days and the Dhumdhar Kandi Pass Trekking Tour Package will surely leave you spellbound. Proper gear suiting high altitude will, of course, be required. And you probably already know that good shoes make a good trekker. If you check out Dhumdhar Kandi Pass Trek Itinerary you will see that the trail of the trek starts from Sankri, to not too much-explored bugyal (meadows) of Uttarakhand, leading to Ruinsara lake, and finally to the snowy peak of Dhumdhar Kandi Pass. Also, all these gorgeous scenes will be just perfect for your Instagram feed, we all know how important that is. Training yourself before a challenging trek is always a good idea, so get in your training shoes and get going. Next step would be to book your trek so that you can get high on adventure, which is only the best kind of high.

Max Altitude – 5,490 m

Duration – 12 days

Level – Challenging (Technical)

5. Dodital – Darwa Pass Trek

Are you tired of your everyday, boring life? Have your means of escaping reality become too repetitive and uninteresting? Are you looking for some new outdoorsy hobby? Well, look no further and fret no more because Dodital Darwa Pass Trek is exactly the kind of thing you want.

The best part about this trek is that Dodital is one of the most beautiful freshwater lakes there are. The lake rises at an elevation of 10,121 ft. After that, the trek takes you to Darwa Pass which rises up to 13,780 ft. This almost too-good-to-be-true trek is perfect for beginners. If you are feeling worn out staying at Dodital and enjoying the lake is always an option. This trek will also appeal to those who find Indian Mythology interesting as Dodital lake is among the 12 holiest lakes in India. A temple is built there for the same reason as well.

Dodital Darwa Pass Trek Itinerary will show you an amazingly planned trek that takes around 4-5 days. The trek starts from Sangam Chatti, where you reach from Uttarkashi via a bus or a car. The trail of the trek will lead you from valleys and lakes to a mountain top with stunning scenery. Best time for this trek is summers, April to June, as you will get to witness mother nature in all its glory because of all the greenness that will be covering the whole trail. However, if you are not afraid to delve into more adventurousness and want to go through paths covered with snow, winter trekking will be more suited for you. Check out Dodital Darwa Pass Trekking Tour Package now. Because if you are new to the world of mountain explorers Dodital Darwa Pass Trekking will probably prove to be a life-altering decision for you, in a good way of course. And even if you are not a newbie you already know the feeling of exploring a new place and this trek will not let you down.

Max. Altitude – 4,150 meters

Duration – 6 days

Level – Moderate

6. Borasu Pass Trek

Situated at the near border of Uttaranchal, Himachal Pradesh and Tibet, Borasu Pass Trek is known for its wildflower shrubs, villages lost in time and hiking on glaciers. The months June, September, and October are considered as preferable times for the Borasu Pass Trekking. The Borasu Pass Trek connects the Tons river valet with Baspa River Valley. The 9 Day Borasu Pass Trek Itinerary starts from arriving at Sankri from Dehradun, a 7-8 hours journey. The next day, you will move to the first part of your trekking from Sankri to Taluka. From Taluka, you will be trekking to Seema through thick forests of Chinars, Walnuts, Willows and few waterfalls along the way. The 14 km trek from Seema to Har Ki Dun is filled with adorable coniferous flora, fields, and pastures with huts. Via Kalkatti Dhar, you will be reaching Har ki Dun through beautiful meadows campsites. As you move from Har ki Dun to Moninda Tal, Hata peak and Swargarohini Peak are prominently seen from here.This will be your campsite and you can bask in the beauty of snow-capped mountains with lush green meadows surrounding you and the streams running near your camps. The next day is the rest day with acclimatization before the climb to the pass with also a learning session. The next day you will start for your Borasu Pass Trek in the early morning as the trek is little difficult. You will have to walk a distance of 8 km to reach the pass. This will be your campsite for two days, generally, these two days will be divided for the wilderness around and for the civilization of the Chitkul village. If you love adventures, a little difficult trek then this Borasu Pass Trek Tour Package is just for you.

Max. Altitude – 17,224 ft.

Duration – 7 days

Difficulty – Difficult

7. Kalindi Pass Trek

The most beautiful of all adventures in the Garhwal Himalayas, the Kalindi Pass trek is the ultimate adventure, demanding a basic knowledge of mountaineering skills and techniques. The pass sits at a staggering elevation of 5,968 meters, and compensated for the daunting climb with breathtaking views that will leave you speechless. It also links the holy places of Gangotri and Badrinath. The arduous journey begins Gangotri, and stretched across Gaumukh, Nandanvan, Vasuki Tal, and Kalindi Khal. The challenging trail is laden with boulders, scree, moraines, and glaciers, chaperoned constantly by the majestic Mt. Shivling, Satopanth and the peaks of Bhagirathi I, II and III. The trail to Kalindi is a bridge between the river valleys of Bhagirathi and Alaknanda. The trek is a favourite amongst veterans and mountaineers, as the journey is not for the faint of heart. The journey is just as much of a spiritual experience as it is a physical one, and comes to a magical end at the holy pilgrimage site of Badrinath.

Max Altitude – 5,968 m

Duration – 18 days

Level – Challenging; Technical


1. The most challenging and thrilling of all treks in the Garwhal Himalayas.

2. Treat yourself to majestic views of the neighboring behemoths like Mt. Shivling, Satopanth, and the Bhagirathi I, II, III peaks! Also, the confluence of the glaciers Kalindi, Sweta, and Chaturangi are a once in a lifetime sight to behold.

3. You get to visit the beautiful village Mana, the last Indian village before the Chinese frontier.

8. Kedartal Trek

A tryst with the mountains – that’s what the Kedar Tal trek is about. Though it is a moderately challenging excursion, the rewards are truly incredible. Kedar Tal is a glacial lake cradled by magnificent Himalayan giants like Mt. Bhridgupanth, Thalaysagar, Gangotri, Jogin, and Manda Parvat looming right beside your campsites. While many other treks boast of spectacular mountain views, Kedar Tal promises a close-up view of not one or two, but five mountain peaks! The trail meanders through beautiful forests of pine, and past several alpine pastures and meadows. All this while, the surrounding Himalayan behemoths stand tall through the trek, bearing witness to your magical journey. It is also common to spot the elusive Himalayan blue sheep. Final word on the Kedar Tal trek – Do it for the closely rising Himalayan peaks, and stunning mountainous views, above everything else.

Max. Altitude – 4,912 meters
Duration – 8 days
Level – Moderate to challenging

1. Wild, up-close views of not one, not two, but five massive Himalayan peaks is exclusive to the Kedar Tal trek. There are few other treks that can promise you that.

2. With the neighboring mountains maintaining such a close watch over your trek, what entails is some truly exceptional and impressive views.

9. Panpatia Col Trek

Panpatia Col is a stunning high altitude mountain pass perched atop 4,200 meters and connects Kedarnath and Badrinath, two of the most sacred Hindu pilgrim destinations. Lapped by the lofty peaks of the Garhwal Himalayas, the trek offers outstanding views of Mt. Neelkanth, Shri Parbat, Kunaling and Chaukhamba massif. The trek follows moraine trails, alpine forests, roaring streams, and narrow mountain ridges. The Panpatia Col trek is far from easy and put your stamina and willpower to test. The trek begins from Badrinath, climbs up to Panpatia Glacier, and concludes at Ransi. The rocky terrain sits beneath loose stones, while some sections of the trek include crevasses and icefalls. The experience of walking over a glacier is both, terrifying and exhilarating. Explore some of the most untouched parts of the Himalayas, while your soul drinks in the beckoning wilderness. If you’re physically fit, then this trek is an unmissable one.

Max. Altitude – 5,260 meters

Duration – 13 days

Level – Challenging; Technical

10. Traill’s Pass

A stunning high altitude pass named after George William Traill, Traill’s Pass is a beautiful high altitude pass that sits at the head of Pindari Glacier, linking the valleys of Lawan and Pindari. Flanked by Mt. Nanda Devi on one side, and Nanda Kot on the other, the pass segregates the Kumaon and Garhwal regions of the Himalayas. The rivers Pindar and Gori Ganga originate from the glaciers Pindari and Lawan Gad respectively, gracing the sides of Traill’s pass. The majestic peaks of Garhwal Himalayas, including the legendary Nanda Devi, stand watch over you throughout the trek. The inspiring grandeur and beauty of the circling Himalayan majesty never leaves you and lingers even when you’ve returned. Brimming with adventure and thrill, the incredible beauty of the Traill’s Pass unveils itself only to well-experienced mountaineers.

Max. Altitude – 5,312 m

Duration – 20 days

Difficulty – Technical; Challenging


1. Experience a rush of adrenaline cocooned in complete wilderness and isolation, as the trek is quite offbeat, and is accessible to fit and trained mountaineers only.

2. The trek offers great vantage points to the mighty Nanda Devi peak.

3. Marvel at the source of rivers Pindar and Gori Ganga, as the trek is flanked by the mother glaciers.

11. Bali Pass Trek

If you are an adventurer at heart who wants to experience raw grandeur of a Himalayan pass crossing and have a knack to see the myths related to the Swargarohini with your own eyes then Bali Pass Trekking Tour Package is just for you. Located in the heights of Garhwal Himalayan Region and connecting Har ki Dun valley with Yamunotri, Bali Pass gives you a 360-degree panoramic view of Kalanag at 20,954 ft, Bander Punch 20,720 ft and Swargarohini group of peaks at a maximum elevation of 20,510 ft. The preferable time for Bali Pass Trek is mostly June as you can have the pleasure of seeing abundant green, breathtaking mountain ranges and the generous amount of snow which makes the whole Bali Pass Trekking more enjoyable and interesting. The Bali Pass Trek Itinerary consists of 6 days journey covering points like Sankri-which is famous for its mini markets and wooden roof houses and the place which provides you delicious local food, Taluka- the place to see snow clad mountains, trekking from Chilud-dhar which is a home to many rare species of trees, birds and animals to Devsu Bugyal, Ruinsara Lake- the place which is believed to have some stories of the time from the Mahabharata, Bali Pass Base Camp, Yamunotri- a place of worship and place of hot springs, and lastly Damnai Forest. The ancient villages of Gangad and Osla are captivating not only with their cultures and folklore but also with the fine trees of Oak, Walnuts, Willows, and Chinars. There are some things in the trekking which will make your whole journey remarkable just like, the lush meadows in the Dev Thach with the Swargarohini and Kalang in background, the special glacial lake- Ruinsara, the trail of alpine flowers along the line of Ruinsara Lake.

Max. Altitude: 4,950 m

Duration: 8 Days

Level: Difficult

12. Mt. Kedar Dome (6832m)

Kedar Dome, as the name suggests, is a majestic, dome shaped peak draped within the folds of the Garhwal Himalayas that form the Gangotri peaks. Named after Lord Shiva, the mountain also holds religious significance amongst Hindus.The northwestern flank of the mountain is relatively easier, compared to the eastern side which makes for a dangerous climb. The peak is ideal for ski ascents, and is popular amongst skiers. Standing tall at a dizzying 6,831 meters, the trek to Kedar Dome, though easy, demands prior high altitude trekking experience along with ability to endure extreme weather conditions. The initial part of the trek traces the trail of the Gaumukh Tapovan trek. It offers great views of the Gangotri glacier, Gangotri peaks, and the stunning Mount Kedarnath.


  • The peak is merely 150 m shy of touching the 7,000 m mark!
  • A great choice for those seeking to climb a 6,000+ meters peak without any hardcore mountaineering techniques.
  • In pleasant weather conditions, you can also ski down the peak, making it a truly thrilling experience.

13. Satopanth Lake Trek

The glacial lake of Satopanth lies adjacent to Badrinath, shaded amidst the stunning Garhwal ranges of Uttarakhand, and reigning atop 4,600 meters. Relatively unexplored, Satopanth Lake is an ideal contrast to the maddening hustle and bustle of Badrinath. This 4-day trek brings you a medley of stunning terrains, including misty valleys, stunning glacial trails, quaint villages, and beautiful dense forests, while carrying a backdrop of towering Himalayan neighbors! The holy trinity of Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva are believed to have bathed in the crystal green waters of the lake, which adds a sacred touch to the trek. The lofty peaks of Swargarohini, Nilkantha, Balakun, and Narayan Parbat chaperone your journey. The trail originates from Mana, the last Indian village before the India – Tibet border, and runs through thick forests and alpine meadows that greet you with surreal Himalayan beauty.

Max Altitude: 4,600 m
Level: Moderately difficult
Duration: 4 days


  • Visit the famous Satopanth Lake, whose waters are believed to hold the power of cleansing the sins of those who wander there.
  • Lose yourself amidst the majesty of the neighboring Himalayan peaks like Satopanth, Nilkantha, and Chaukhamba.
  • Let the melodious roar of Vasundhara Falls sing you a beautiful lullaby. Its waters are scientifically proven to possess unrivaled medicinal properties.

14. Gaumukh Tapovan Trek

Calling out all the Hindu Mythology aficionados, Gaumukh Tapovan Trek is just the thing you might be looking for. Goes without saying that all the thrill seekers are welcome as well because the trek to Gaumukh Tapovan will satisfy your hunger for adventure.

The highest peak rising up to the height of 14,600 ft, this trek will take you from Gangotri to Gaumukh and then all the way up to Tapovan. There you will be able to enjoy the sight of Bhagirathi peaks standing gloriously. Gangotri glacier is where the holy Ganges originates. Gaumukh, translating to cow’s mouth, paves the path for the river Bhagirathi which later becomes the Ganges. We have all heard stories growing up about how the Ganges became the source of life for people. Even now people believe that one’s soul can be cleansed with the holy water that flows through this river.

Exploring a place so deeply rooted in our culture and traditions; it does make a good argument in favor of this trek. Tapovan Gangotri trek which can also be called Tapovan Nandavan Trek will give you a chance to explore this place dripping with mysticism and spirituality. Before you start Gangotri trek you will have to get acclimatized in Gangotri. Trekking in Gangotri Glacier will be full of strenuous activity, but that’s what explorers live for, right. The whole trek takes around 8-10 days, and during these days you will make memories of your lifetime. This Gangotri Glacier Trek will let you witness the mind-blowing beauty of the snow-capped mountains like Mt. Shivling and Mt. Meru. From Tapovan, after you pass through thriving greenery of Gangotri, the beauty of these peaks will be utterly mesmerizing.

While Gangotri Tapovan Trekking in Garhwal is of a difficult level, beginners who think they might be up to the task can definitely apply. Just be prepared for a hard journey, also equally captivating and spellbinding, and you will not regret it.

Max. Altitude- 14,202 ft.

Duration- 8 days

Level- Moderate

15. Nanda Devi Base Camp Trek

Nanda Devi, the second highest mountain in India, constitutes a pair of massive peaks, namely Nanda Devi East (7,816 m) and Nanda Devi West (7,434 m). The Nanda Devi East Base Camp trek affords unmatched views of the two peaks, and is as close as one can get to their beauty. Beginning from the beautiful settlement of Munsiyari, the trail snakes through sense bamboo forests, verdant alpine meadows, rustic villages, and some of the deepest gorges in the country! If luck favours, the trek may also reward you with an extremely rare glimpse of the Himalayan Musk Deer, and Snow Leopard. It also introduces trekkers to the culture of the Johari Tribe, which are native to Munsiyari.

Level- Moderate to difficult

Max. Altitude- 3,900 m

Trek Highlights:

1. Insanely beautiful vistas of the Nanda Devi and Panchachuli peaks.

2. Spotting of the rare Himalayan Musk Deer, and Snow Leopard.

3. Trek through some of the deepest gorges in the country

16. Nag Tibba Trek

The snow peaks of Garhwal and Himachal offers panoramic views of some of the famous peaks from here including the Bandarpoonch, Swargarohini, Srikanth and Black peak. This trek is perfect for anyone looking for a quick getaway from the monotony of routine. Being one of the best weekend treks there is to offer, this one is a relatively unknown trail near mussoorie and being a moderate trail can be done by first time trekkers. The trail goes through thick deodar forest and with only a day into the trek, one reaches to a very remote region with next to no habitation. Icing on the top would surely be the opportunity to dunk one’s feet into a cold and inviting stream at the end of the trek.

17. Deoriatal Chandrashilla Trek

It won’t be wrong to term Deoriatal Chandrashila as the spot of birds and also a spot to have a look at the Himalaya’s spring color vibrancy. Deoriatal Chandrashila presents a rush of adrenaline with the perfect blend of vigour. The place loved by the bird watchers gives you beautiful natural scenery of snow, rhododendrons and various species of birds. This place also holds a place in the myth of Mahabharata of the five pandava brothers; once thirsty, they had come to the waters of Deoriatal and faced a test of wisdom. The Deoriatal Chandrashila Trek is opted in the months of March and April as the forests of pines, oaks, and maples are blooming in these months. With flawless skies and a revitalizing breeze, this trekking expedition will allow you to breathe in its stunning landscapes at its best in the months from March to May. With the pleasure of bird watching, you will be able to witness the grand summits during the Deoriatal Chandrashila Trekking. The 5 days trek starts from a small and quaint village called Sari which is situated at a distance of around 200 km from Rishikesh in the Rudraprayag district of Uttarakhand. From Sari to Deoriatal. The Deoriatal Lake appears to be a magnificent sight with the Himalayas in the background and then trek through Sylami, Baniya Kund. See the beautiful meadows turning to snow on your way to Chopta then trek to Chandrashila. The trek to Chandrashila opens the door of Tungnath temple, the temple of Shiva for you which gives peace to your soul and strengthens your being spiritual. That’s how your 5 days Deoriatal Chandrashila Trekking Itinerary looks like.

Some salient features of the trek: A spot of various species of birds like Himalayan Monal, Snow Patridge, Himalayan Woodpecker. Blooming forests of Oaks, Pines and Maples and trees of Rhododendrons of red and pink colors are a delight for the eyes.
Shiva Temple- Tunganath Temple.

Sounds good? Then Deorital Chandrashila Trekking Tour Package is a must for you.

Max Altitude: 4,1460 m

Level: Easy

Duration: 5 days

18. Valley Of Flowers Trek

Perched gracefully under the watchful eyes of the towering himalayan peaks, the valley is situated at an altitude of 3,858m above the sea level. When the snow melts every monsoon and the sun shines bright on this field, the entire valley comes alive and bursts into an array of colors. With a carpet of million species of wild flowers, snow clad mountains in the backdrop and diversified species of butterflies and insects; this rich in bio-diversity valley is a paradise for every nature lover. The trek entrails from Govind Ghat, on the route to Hemkund Sahib. According to the holy Granth Sahib, Guru Gobind Singh(10th guru of the sikh faith) had meditated on the bank of this lake. Encircled by seven snow-clad mountains and their associated glaciers, it reflects its surroundings enchantingly on its crystal clear serene waters.

19. Rupin Pass Trek

Trekking in India is mostly popular all over the world for its diversified terrains, high altitudes and abundant variety of terrains; and amongst all the treks that this nation has to offer, Rupin-Pass surpasses all the other. The trek is famous for th change of scenery at every turn and the famous three stage waterfall on the rupin. In the higher reaches the trek passes through superb snow fields. The pass crossing through an echoing snow filled gully is an adrenaline high. This trek has got it all; snowy cascades, verdant meadows, charming hamlets, glistering rivers, terrific forests, hundreds of water falls and a gushing pass crossing.

20. Roopkund Trek

When you opt for this trek, a lot of mystery is in store for you. Perched in the laps of mt. trishul, roopkund is a glacial lake that has over 500 skeletons of animals and men scattered on its banks. The icy cold weather is the reason for the preservation of the bones uptill now. Located in the Chamoli district of Garhwal himalayas it is one of the most picturesque treks. Walk on fresh powdery snow and feel shivers down the spine as the mystery of the skeleton lake unravels. The trek trails through mountainous rivers, enthralling ridges, lush forests and scenic meadows to give you an experience for lifetime.

21. Kuari Pass Trek

Kuari-pass is a trek which is in some different league all together. The trek which lies south of the tibetan border begins from Joshimath, in the chamoli district of himalayas; which has evolved into a hub for trekkers and pilgrims in this part of himalayas. Kuari means ‘doorway’ and we suggest it to be a doorway into your inner-self. As you reach higher, the himalayas are arrayed before you in a stupendous arc and the play of light from the trees is a visual delight. Looking so closely at the sky high mountains is almost religious. Walk through the jungles of oak and deodar to get the closest view of mt. Nanda Devi.

22. Kedarkantha Trek

Trails lined up with rhododendron and fringed with pine trees, vast meadows with myriad butterflies and snow capped mountains all around, Kedarkantha Trek is one of the most sought after winter trek in the country. This trek originates from Sankri, a small little village nestled deep inside the Garhwal himalayas. The drive from dehradun till sankri offers one of the most beautiful drives in the region of uttrakhand, so don’t doze off in the car specially towards the end. The distance for the trek in not much and the terrain is not so challenging which makes this trek just the right one for first time trekkers. The campsites here range from camping near a frozen pond to verdant meadows and are guaranteed to leave you awestruck. And mate we assure you, when you climb that summit; nothing’s ever going to look the same.

23. Har Ki Dun Trek

Har ki Dun literally translates to the valley of gods. Numerous local beliefs and myths suggest that this is the valley through which pandavas made their way to heaven. This cradle shaped valley offers a panoramic view of the surrounding mountain peaks, peaks so high that they make you doubt your existence in the world. Running through fragrant orchids, sprawling meadows and a dense alpine forest, the valley remains covered with snow for a good number of months. This moderate trek takes you to one of the least explored regions of Garhwal himalayas where civilization has not yet affected the lifestyle of the simple village folk living here. The trail runs alongside rhododendron trees, rivers, villages and flowers at different parts on the way up providing you with views so beautiful, no poetry would serve.

24. Brahmatal Trek

If you are a first timer trekker and want snow then this winter trek, Brahmatal Trek will be sure to lure you in its charm. A major part of the trek continues under forest cover, diminishing the chances of altitude sickness making it easier for the first-timers. It is termed as a classic winter trek among the trekkers which mostly done in January and February because of the snow. The Brahmatal Trekking will gift you the views of clear sky, snow-laden forests and frozen glacial lakes. The trekking will mostly be done on the snow and that’s why at some places you will have thrilling climbs. The 6 days Brahmatal Trekking Itinerary will take you from Kathgodam to Lohajung which takes you from the mountain alleyways in a hectic 10 hour drive. On the route from Lohajung to Bekaltal, it takes an approximate one hour hike while crossing many loud streams like Begum and Gajrani, to reach the beautiful Bekaltal stream. The route from Bekaltal to Brahmatal will take you from the trail of Oaks and Rhododendrons to finally putting you out in meadows, the meadows of Talandi. Next day you will head towards Bramhatal Lake for your journey to Tilbundi via Brahmatal Pass with Oaks and Rhododendrons in the background. Reaching at the top, you will be greeted by the jaw-dropping view of Mt. Trishul and Mt. Nanda Ghunti. Again a trail filled with Oaks and Rhododendrons as you make your way towards Wan on the next day from Tilbundi to Lohajung. The last point will be a journey from Lohajung to Kathgodam.

The natural view and snow-covered forests make the Brahmatal Trek Tour Package a must in your adventure.

Max Altitude: 3,841 m

Level: Easy

Duration: 4 days

Why Trek in Uttarakhand?

Called as the Devabhoomi or “Land of the gods”, the state of Uttrakhand has been called so because it is adorned with probably the largest number of Hindu Temples and pilgrimages in the world. The state which is believed to be the very place where Vyasa wrote the Indian epic of Mahabharata, where the artifacts (rock painting, shelters and stone tools) of the Palaeolithic have been gathered, where the megaliths are have been proven to shelter in the ancient days, and where the existence of c. 1500 BCE ‘s Vedic practices have been found, is famous for its Chipko environmental movement which was more of livelihood movement but became a kind of forest and environment conservation ‘inspirational’ non-violent movement for many environmentalists; all of this is what one gets reminded of when one talks about the Indian subcontinent’s 27th state of Uttarakhand. Adding into the significance of the area, it was amongst the first state in India which brought into the forefront the problems of tribal groups.

Shaivism entered in the second century BCE, after which Buddhism started to emerge in the western parts of Garhwal and alongside it entered conventional practices of Folk Shamanic. Tibetan-Burman crowds got settled in the north. During the medieval years, the area was solidified in the east as the Kumaon Kingdom and in the west as the Garhwal Kingdom in the East. Present day Garhwal got consolidated under the rule of Parmars. Gorkhas ruled the Garhwal Kingdom until 1803 when ultimately, after a war between the British and Nepalese, the empire came under the British Raj. After India got freedom, the kingdom was blended with the state of Uttar Pradesh, when the Garhwal and Kumaon Divisions came under the umbrella of one name, Uttarakhand until the year 1998, after which the disquiet started to stir for the separation of the region as an independent state of India.

Geographically, the state shares its borders are shared with Tibet, Nepal and in India, with Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, and Haryana. Uttarakhand has agriculturally rich lands for the vegetation of cash crop, sugarcane and other famous crops like basmati rice, soybeans, pulses, oilseeds, wheat, groundnuts, and also fruits like pears, plums, oranges, apples, litchis, and peaches. You’ll be able to see many of these crop fields during your journey towards the various peaks of Uttarakhand.

As the state is resting upon one of the major attractions of northern India, the Incredible Himalayas, the state becomes a significant contributor to the growth of tourism industry in India, comprising of the number of tourist places, including the number of important temples built during the ancient period of India, various well-maintained forest reserves, charming hill stations, some of the most charming peaks adding into the major sports and thrilling activities of the region. Highlights for tourists are, Oak Grove School, originating through the land of Uttrakhand are the holy brooks of Ganges and Yamuna, forty-four protected monuments, Badrinath, Kedarnath, Chota Char Dham, Haridwar or “Gateway to the God”, Haridwar Kumbh Mela, Rishikesh, a prime yoga center of the nation, various shrines of local deities like Durga and Shiva. All of these are Hindu revered pilgrimages and places. But Uttarakhand also adorns with other religious pilgrim sites of Piran Kaliyar Sharif for Muslims, Gurdwaras – Hemkund Sahib, Reetha Sahib, and Nanakmatta Sahib for Sikhs, Mindrolling Monastery and the Buddha Stupa for Tibetan Buddhists. Skiing resorts, Auli and Munsiari are also famous sports attractions. Jim Corbett National Park, Vasudhara Falls, are also amongst other major tourist destinations.

The land is adorned with the snow-laden mountain peaks, thus making the sports of mountaineering, hiking and climbing as favorite and major adventure sports in Uttrakhand. Uttrakhand treks have resulted in the growth of adventure tourism in the state. Treks in Uttrakhand are popular due to their beautiful snow-covered peaks and gorgeous landscapes. At 16,000 ft, for example, is Roopkund trek. This is amongst the Best Short Treks in Uttarakhand due to its interesting passage through Bugyal meadows and strange presence of skeletons inside the lake of Roopkund. Creepy. If you are someone who needs a break on weekends or just a one-day adventure, then weekend treks in Uttrakhand is also a good option. One of the most notable is the two to one day trek in Uttrakhand, called Nag Tibba Trek. It is easy, available all year long and is at the same time thrilling, giving a glimpse of snow-covered peaks of Garhwal peaks.

Concludingly, Trekmunk is a group of those trekkers who are passionate about Himalayan trekking, and thus Uttarakhand becomes one of the major destinations for not only the grand expeditions and explorations but also the weekend, one-day, alpine and all kinds of trekking trails that the state provides