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Adventure Post Covid 19

Here we are, strangled up in a never seen scenario; COVID19.

The impact of this wrecking virus is astounding and has drenched almost everything, especially the travel and tourism industry. It's been days since we have boycotted everything and are trapped inside our own homes. Now, since the outbreak cannot be put under a complete halt, the message is clear; we have to find ways to live with it. 

We are regularly scrutinizing the coronavirus outbreak circumstance and are planning to continue our treks with the same enthusiasm and standards after the lockdown is exempted and the government allows interstate travel for tourists. The only way to put this thought into action is by taking not just a few but a lot of precautions. And we here at Trekmunk are up for the task. For this, we have issued guidelines which will help in ensuring safe treks for the mountain lovers. All the members are highly motivated to get back into action and make your dream into reality once again.

When it comes to us, our topmost priority is ensuring the health and security of our family which includes all the trekkers, guides, staff, porters and luggage carriers. We are planning to give excessive importance to each and every trip so that it can be smoothly conducted even with this pandemic on the loose. We will maintain strict protocols through which a guest can be denied acceptance for a batch if he or she is found not fit under our category.

Any guest or crew member of Trekmunk will not be allowed to be a part of a trip if:

(a) He or she has travelled or resided at a location which has a level 3 warning identified by the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the last 14 days before the departure of the trip.

(b) He or she has had close contact with an infected COVID-19 person within 14 days prior to the beginning of the trip.

(c) He or she has developed any symptoms of flu within the last 14 days prior to the scheduled departure of the trip.

(d) We won't be able to fulfil these above-listed guidelines without your co-operation and hence we expect you to take this thing very seriously with utmost honesty and self-identification.

Here are our new protocols which are added due to COVID-19:

(a) We will make sure that everything happens outdoors and not under a confined space which will ensure proper social distancing.

(b) A health certificate ruling out any symptoms of COVID-19 will be mandatory for every trekker.

(c) We will be stationing alcohol-based sanitizers throughout the camp.

(d) We will make sure that thorough cleaning of all the equipment and gear at camp takes place more frequently.

(e) Screening for high body temperature will be done on a daily basis of every crew member and trekker.

(f) We will follow proper norms for transfers which will include proper sanitizing of the interior and exterior regions of the vehicles.

Here are some points we wish for you to consider:

(a) If you can, prefer a personal group. A personal group will only consist of only you and your friends and family. Hence, it will rule out the chance of catching the virus from a fellow traveller while on the trek.

(b) We would recommend you to go for an off-beat trek. We say this because those trails are not commercialised and so, you will not come across camps and people for various other companies. 

The world has witnessed many catastrophes but we have always found out a way to get out of it. We are sure that this time also we will fight back to restore our normal lives and make our way back to the mountains once again.

Hurry up and book now; The Himalayas are waiting.

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