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Are there food stalls in all three camps in Stok Kangri Trek? If I am not going with any operator, do I need to carry rations and stoves?

It is currently very troublesome to try and do Stok Kangri severally as no support is out there on any of the camp websites. Ladakh Hindu deity UN agency pitched tents within the past and provided for food and tents haven’t done this year.

They have a tent in Manokarma however that’s just for their customers UN agency has taken the complete package from base camp to summit and back.

I noticed some trekkers UN agency carried their tents, sleeping luggage, ration, and stoves. Few carried solely their tents and labeled on alternative tour operators by convincing their room workers to supply food.

They somehow managed to succeed in the bottom camp. however, until then, a number of them were exhausted or had abdomen ailments.

The Stok vary has received contemporary snowfall last week and it’s terribly troublesome to climb the height while not the services of a guide.

Few of the freelance trekkers UN agency were match didn’t realize a guide from base camp and managed to succeed in solely until the ice mass by themselves. The path from base camp to the ice mass is clearly visible however more ahead it’s not clear and there area unit possibilities to urge lost within the darkness.